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What to know more about how to keep yourself safe in this digital age? You’ve come to the right place! As part of our service we offer training in fact-checking.

Keeping you Right in the Digital Age: An Introduction to Fact-Checking

This training is an interactive half-day session and includes:

  • An introduction to FactCheckNI
  • What is fact checking?
  • Critical thinking skills.
  • Fact checking tools – details of online tools we use when fact-checking
  • Types of bad information (e.g. conspiracy theories/hate speech)
  • Questions to ask yourself when dealing with information
  • Q&A

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Fantastic interactive training to help build information literacy, and core critical thinking skills. This should be a mandatory part of compulsory education, and core training for organisations to help navigate an increasingly rich information age.

Alan Hook Associate Head of School, School of Communication and Media, Ulster University

A group of staff from Libraries NI recently received a practical introduction to fact checking. It highlighted the important role of FactCheckNI in supporting civic participation. Staff got a toolkit to develop their own skills and an insight into why this is such an important topic, all delivered in an engaging way by a knowledgeable tutor

Trisha Ward Head of Service, Libraries NI

I asked Orna from FactCheckNI to speak to my young journalists about the importance of making sure they are working with correct information and putting accurate information out to the public. Orna delivered a lively, vibrant, informative and engaging session for students in a warm and friendly way, using real life examples, making it all relatable to them….

Leona O’Neill Lecturer in Journalism, Ulster University

I’m really grateful for the training session Orna took with our Youth in Government group. The session was so interesting and relevant to our group of 16-18 year olds. Orna built a rapport with our young people which meant that this wasn’t just a talk or a presentation. We had some great conversations where young people shared their views, asked questions and debated the issues amongst ourselves. Orna is incredibly well informed in the issues around good and bad information, social media and how we all navigate our way through our increasingly online lives.

Peter McNeice Youth Worker, YMCA

Our staff team very much enjoyed the FactCheckNI training. This training both informed and challenged the staff team and will be invaluable to our organisation, as we work with many young people who often are supplied with misinformation, rumour and conjecture in their lives.This training was perfectly pitched at a diverse team of workers, so as all could have 'take aways' and full participation in the exercises and discussions was evident. Would highly recommend this to other youth organisations.

Keith McCaugherty Senior Youth Worker, Holy Trinity YC

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