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We have policies and procedures in place at every level of our organisation to ensure our independence and impartiality. They include: our Board of Directors , which consists of individuals with a broad range of professional backgrounds and expertise; a code of conduct for staff; a rigorous adherence to our processes; and transparency of funding sources.

We welcome any – and all – feedback on our work.

It is important to note that in addition to our commitments to the IFCN Code of Principles, we want to reaffirm the following:

  • FactCheckNI is not under the editorial control of any political party or politician and will not focus investigations on any particular political party or side of the political spectrum.
  • FactCheckNI will not employ any person who holds a salaried or prominent position in a political party, government, or public company under the direct control of a political party or government.
  • FactCheckNI will not ask or advise the readers to vote for any political parties, candidates for public office, or policies other than those which are pertinent to our interest in improving public discourse in Northern Ireland.
  • FactCheckNI will not conclude any agreement or partnership with a political party and will address any reasonable conflict of interest or political bias from the experts or organisations we quote or use.
  • FactCheckNI will warn employees not to make political statements in the name of the operation and to not accept any gifts, favours, or services with advantageous conditions in a working environment that go beyond common social and courtesy items.