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Alan Hook

Board Member

Alan Hook is a Senior Lecturer in Interactive Media at Ulster University and a Researcher in Emerging Media in the Centre for Communication Media and Culture. He has a passion for increasing media and data literacy; championing more democratic and inclusive futures. He collaborated with FactCheckNI on the project “Exploring New Models for Fact Checking Organisations Using Social Media” and partners with members of FactCheckNI in his teaching of the module “Designing with Data”. Alan has given a wide range of regional, national and international key notes on approaches to develop stronger media and data literacy, and the importance of civic responsibility. He has worked as a digital media consultant for a wide variety of funded projects for InvestNI, Connected, the Tourism Board and the Civil Service.

He currently teaches in the area of immersive film, data communication, digital design, and professional practice in the School of Communication and Media, and the Ulster Screen Academy.

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