Derry/Londonderry only city without its own university?

CLAIM: Derry/Londonderry is the only city of its prominence in the UK that does not have its own higher education institution, according to Lord Adonis.

CONCLUSION: INACCURATE. There are several other urban areas in the UK that do not have a higher education institution headquartered in their locale (for example Darlington, Southport, Harrogate, Scunthorpe, Crewe and East Kilbride). Continue reading Derry/Londonderry only city without its own university?

No university in Derry/Londonderry?

Labour politician Lord Adonis recently tweeted that he finds it “scandalous that Ulster’s second city is still denied its own university”. He later acknowledged that Derry/Londonderry had its own campus as part of Ulster University, however its headquarters are in Coleraine. The university used to be called the New University of Ulster (NUU), which opened 50 years ago, and could have been based in Derry/Londonderry. Continue reading No university in Derry/Londonderry?