What are the rules of lockdown in Northern Ireland?

This article explains what the rules of “lockdown” during COVID-19 are in Northern Ireland.

[This article is part of the COVID-19 Information Dissemination (COVID-19 ID) Project — a partnership between Community Development and Health Network (CDHN) and FactCheckNI. Its aim is to improve people’s health literacy about COVID-19 by providing accurate and up-to-date information which will increase knowledge, understanding and confidence and enable people to make good health decisions.]


Northern Ireland is currently under ‘lockdown’ since 23 March with citizens practicing social distancing to contain the spread of COVID-19. All citizens must stay at home unless they have a reasonable excuse or necessity for leaving.

    • Legislation was enacted on 28 March which governs enforcement by the PSNI.
    • Legislation was amended on Friday 24 April to include the opening of cemeteries and to allow for short distances travelled to safe places or facilities for exercise.
    • As of 25 April 2020, since lockdown began the PSNI has issued 570 cautions and 358 penalty fines (00:45).
    • The Irish Government have introduced ‘stay at home’ measures until 5 May with travel for exercise restricted to a 2km radius from the residence.

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Who opens and closes interface gates?

CLAIM: Gates at interface barriers on Shankill and Falls roads are shut every evening at 6 pm.

CONCLUSION: ACCURATE. One gate in the Shankill and Falls road is closed at 6 pm — at Townsend Street. Other gates in this area close at other times (3.00/6.30/9.00/10.30pm). The Department of Justice is responsible for the gates at four locations, and the PSNI for a fifth one. Continue reading Who opens and closes interface gates?