Brexit box viral graphic fact check

A graphic about what actions have been made by the European Union and the UK, respectively, since negotiations for the UK to leave the EU began on 29 March 2017 has been shared at least 74,000 times on Facebook. The infographic makes twelve separate claims; FactCheckNI has fact checked each of them. We interpret “has” with reference to the date of action delivered, not announced. Continue reading Brexit box viral graphic fact check

Has the DUP brought an extra £1bn?

CLAIM: Arlene Foster, the leader of the Democratic Unionist Party, said that the party delivered “an extra billion pounds” for Northern Ireland.

CONCLUSION: ACCURATE. The £1bn is specific to the jurisdiction of Northern Ireland and is in addition to funding pledged as a result of the Stormont House Agreement and Fresh Start Agreement. An estimated £420m remains to be spent. Continue reading Has the DUP brought an extra £1bn?

The worst train and bus operators in the UK?

CLAIM: Car insurance company Tempcover issued a press release and associated webpage which claimed to “reveal which public transport operators in the UK are doing the best job of getting Britain from A to B”.

CONCLUSION: INACCURATE WITH CONSIDERATION. None of the public transport companies listed covered Northern Ireland, so it was a Great Britain-only analysis. Tempcover have now corrected this error on their website. The exclusion of Northern Ireland’s Translink service could have, at most, shifted other operators up or down the list by one position. Continue reading The worst train and bus operators in the UK?

96% population growth by those aged 65+?

Happy middle-aged couple taking selfie through smart phone outdoors

CLAIM: By 2026, 96% of the projected population growth in Northern Ireland will be represented by people aged 65 and over.

CONCLUSION: ACCURATE. NISRA has published a projection of an increased population of 77,587 people; the 65+ age profile will see the largest change. Continue reading 96% population growth by those aged 65+?

Is Derry/Londonderry rail service substandard?

CLAIM: The railway service for Derry/Londonderry is substandard to services east of the River Bann, according to campaign group, Into the West Rail Lobby.

CONCLUSION: ACCURATE WITH CONSIDERATION. FactCheckNI interprets “substandard” as “less frequency and access”. Of the six claims made, four are accurate, one is accurate with consideration (there are fewer trains from Belfast during peak hours), and one was inaccurate (through ticketing to Dublin is available at staffed stations, including Derry/Londonderry). Continue reading Is Derry/Londonderry rail service substandard?

Does the EU send NI €500m annually?

CLAIM: The EU sends Northern Ireland €500 million a year

CONCLUSION: ACCURATE WITH CONSIDERATION. The €500 million figure quoted by the SDLP is substantiated by European Commission figures for EU regional funding of Northern Ireland. However, this is not a ‘net’ figure and does not take into account Northern Ireland’s proportion of the UK’s contribution to the EU. A more complete statement would be to say that Northern Ireland receives €55/£45 million more than we pay to the EU. Continue reading Does the EU send NI €500m annually?