Of lying (and truth) in politics (SRF Radio 2)

Of lying (and truth) in politics (SRF Radio 2)
13 March 2017

Martin ALIOTH interviewed Allan LEONARD (Northern Ireland Foundation), journalist Jenny HOLLAND, and Enda YOUNG (Transformative Connections), for SRF Swiss Radio 2 programme, Context (audio extract (German)):


Episode description (translated):

“Alternative facts”, “Lügenpresse”, “Fake news”: Newer catchwords show that today is embittered with lies and truth in politics.

Reality has divided itself into different interpretations, which all claim to be true. Even if they are manifestly not based on facts. It is true that the eighth commandment categorically demands: “You shall not give false witness from you.” But lying has become a common political tool.

“Context” visits fact-checkers who are fighting political lies.