FactCheckNI is Northern Ireland’s first and only dedicated fact checking service, investigating claims and publishing articles on contemporary and contentious topics. It works to foster a culture of critical thinking within a deeply divided society. Volunteering with FactCheckNI will provide a great insight into how to work with fairness and nonpartisanship in a society emerging from conflict.

Volunteer Media Monitors

Every fact check starts with a claim. We need people to find us claims, so we can research, write, and publish fact checks for our readers in Northern Ireland and beyond.

You’ll be making an essential contribution to our work — we can’t write a fact check without a claim. And you’ll learn more about what claims make for good fact checks.

Who we’re looking for

We want people who like to pay attention to media — broadcast news, radio, online and print newspapers, and of course, social media. We’re especially interested in claims with a Northern Ireland dimension.

Do you have some of these skills:

    • ability to browse and scan internet stories quickly and retain information
    • identify trending topics and relevant claims
    • comfortable completing online forms and corresponding by email and direct messages
    • any knowledge of how broadcast and social media works

What you’ll be doing

After you receive a primer tutorial on claim identification and what makes a good fact check, you’ll work with our team on agreed media channels that you’re willing to monitor. We’re super flexible about your time commitment — just tell us what works best for you.

More specifically, these tasks are what need to be done:

    • scan and record information from different sources, such as TV, radio, newspapers, and social media, according to priorities set by our fact checking team
    • ensure the quality of claims submitted
    • liaise and assist fact check writers, if requested
    • republish FactCheckNI fact checks through social media channels

If you are interested in this or any other contribution you could provide us, please complete our volunteer form.

You can also contact Allan directly with any queries.